Baby this, baby that, see another chick and he act like that.

If you havin problems with the one you love so much
And you wanna feel his touch,
Put your hand in the air, let them know that you truly care
You don’t wanna do the fight fuss,
Getting sick of the love pain,
All the lies and the trust games,
Guessing, age don’t make a difference,
And I’m getting fed up, so listen!
First you told me that you loved me dearly,
I loved you, did I make that clearly?
And you’re thinking that you can play my game,
But I wanna think twice, so retain my claim
And I’m kinda mad at myself, cause I let you get the best of me,
To confess to me, her
Oh boy, I’m through!
Tell that chick that she better get at you

Question: what happened to forever?
Me and you always together!
Too bad I was too much clever, can’t be played a fool
That’s never.
Suppose she made you happy or whatever
Learn from the past, proceed, get better
Good girl gone mad
Guess you didn’t realize just what you had


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